What I thought about: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

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I feel a bit like for a while I’ve been carrying ten balls of wool. And one ball fell, so I dropped another to catch it, but still didn’t catch it. Then two more started to unravel, and in trying to save those I lost another one. Do you know what I mean? Sorry.’

This book is another one of those books that I was seeing everywhere. I read so many positive reviews and so much hype that I really wanted to read it as I wasn’t going to miss out, so here I am and I wasn’t disappointed.

Tw: suicide, eating disorder,abuse, sexual harassment, mental health, miscarriage.

When I first started reading Queenie, I wasn’t sure I would love it but once the story began to progress and the characters were formed into more realistic people that I was able to connect with I found it a great story that highlighted so many important themes but I didn’t feel like it was too in your face or a particularly difficult read.

Queenie as a book discusses themes such as race, feminism, friendships, heartbreak, mental health, abuse, family and what it is to try and find your way in life as a young woman. Through all the heartache and ensuing problems Queenie is a strong character who is not afraid to admit she needs help and get the help she needs for her health physically and mentally. Although initially frowned upon by her family.

The road to recovery is not linear. It’s not straight. It’s a bumpy path, with lots of twists and turns. But you’re on the right track.’

I love the friendships Queenie has and her friendship with her cousin Diana, they were supportive and positive relationships and although they all had their flaws they were celebrated and the core group of friends really did care about each other, it’s good to read about women supporting women.

I also liked how the rest of the family interact with each other, while they all have their flaws they ultimately are all there for each other and love and support one another in their own way.

I found myself laughing out loud throughout this book and there were times when I began to tear up. I wouldn’t say it is particularly a hard read but it does tackle some very tough subjects and shows the importance of acknowledging when you or some one needs help and getting the help at the earliest opportunity. I expected Queenie to be a light fun read and although I had fun and enjoyed reading it, there are some serious subject discussed which I loved it even more for.

I would give this book 4.5 stars, I liked the characters, I liked that it explores a range of subject matter that we should be discussing and thinking about. I also feel like the ending was exactly where it should have been and it wasn’t a ‘and everyone lived happily ever after’ it was realistic and true to life.

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